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Shout-out to the Muslims who came from nothing, from drugs, from addiction and from bad places of depression and sickness and sadness
To the converts who are still battling and struggling
To those reverts who still maintain Islam in their hearts struggle after struggle against themselves, their peers, and families
To those who may fall into old ways and somehow come back again,
Allah SWT is with you.

The more I think about it, the more I’m completely loving the idea of having a fun, elegant, cute little backyard wedding like with a big white tent and string lights and good ppl and good music and food, a very intimate affair and not high-maintenance or overly stressful, at all. And with all the money saved on a small wedding, it could go towards other important life things like getting an apartment or travelling. I love the idea of saving up the wedding money to spend the first year or two of marriage travelling everywhere together. Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Japan, Egypt, Spain…💞😍

"Too often, Islam is portrayed as something like a religious country club - exclusive, like it’s a religion only for the “perfect” people. It’s not. Islam is for broken people. To mend hearts and heal souls."

AbdelRahman Murphy  (via heartheraindrops—fall)

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A door of a mosque in Istanbul/Turkey

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if yahoo answers can’t solve your problem then you are in too deep

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I was having a nervous breakdown and then I heard your song Begin Again (2014)

Sweet god Begin Again was perfect, I was smiling throughout and crying just a little and the music was so good.
I’ve been in the mood for some life affirming uplifting stories lately and it really hit that sweet spot.  Keira and Mark were so lovely in it as well.

"The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it."

Thomas S. Monson (via larmoyante)


Typewriter Series #82

"So like are you going to get like an arranged marriage?"

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